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Maths tutoring - Work done

I am a firm believer in the significance of examples when learning mathematics: just with instances can you discover if you have grasped the theme. Mathematics is really far from merely learning formulas as well as equations by heart!

At lessons we will explore the topics that you require assistance with through worked instances, building up your self-confidence and also abilities until you can solve them separately.

Mathematics does call for a theoretical basis, however the technical details could be made much more interesting by connecting them with assignments.

To determine your development, we will certainly decide on a way to track your improvement, which will be various for every person. You might wish to be able to tackle a certain type of question more consistently, or to solve exam-style questions. In any case, we will work to smaller objectives on the way there, to help you to appreciate the improvements you are making.

I have currently completed several years of studying maths, and with that comes numerous maths tests! Over time I have actually discovered methods that assist me to carry out to the best of my ability, even under anxiety. Together we can find out just what will work for you, and also develop your own arsenal of tactics in order to help you succeed in the examination.

Ultimately, I do not believe that there is a real one-size fits all means to study maths, but by working one-to-one I think that there is a method for everyone.